Analytical Services

The Analytical Services are based on the academic scientific approach in the experimental design and the results interpretation, coupled with pragmatic problem-solving approach developed in the innovation projects in collaboration with companies.

Some of our Analytical Services, for the characterization of bacteria, yeasts and muds, are:

  • Identification at species level through DNA sequencing of specific molecular markers (i.e. 16S rRNA, ITS) or through species-specific PCRs;
  • Resolution at the strain level, within one specie, of different strains through DNA-fingerprinting (i.e. REP-PCR, PFGE, MLST, DNA Micro satellite);
  • Whole Genome Mapping (WGM)as genome assembly tool and for high resolution comparative analysis;
  • Authentication of microbial strain manufactured;
  • Dominance study of strains in fermentation or in environmental niches;
  • Detection of genes related to human health risks (i.e. antibiotic resistance, biogenic amine productions, microbial toxins);
  • Analysis of antibiotic sensitivity and MICs determination;
  • Analysis of antagonistic and antimicrobial activity of strains;
  • Characterization of microbial communities in foods, beverages, environmental samples and production systems;

Research & Development Services

The R&D Services department supports the agri-food, pharma and nutraceuticals industry in their innovation activities.

Based on proven track records of collaborative research projects, Microbion R&D Services offers competences for research projects focusing:

  • Products development and optimisation for products innovation;
  • Problem-solving for process innovation;

For products innovation, Microbion offers deep characterisation of industrial relevant microbial strains through genome sequencing, comparative genomic analysis and matching of genotypic and phenotypic data, leading to:

  • Assesment of strain safety and preparation of scientific reports to be submitted to competent regulatory authorities (i.e. FDA and EFSA)
  • Reinforce commercial claims with science based evidences;

Process innovation in industrial Microbiology needs an accurate and reliable knowledge of the involved microbial species and strains. In this view Microbion provide highly qualified competences in microbial ecology and taxonomy for:

  • Microbial ecological niche characterisation and changes monitoring;
  • Develop new protocols for strain authentication for molecular tracking also through genome studies.

Moreover, Microbion shares with customers a network of consultants (i.e. lwyers and marketing experts) in order to support rapid implementation of research results for maximization od return of the research investment.

Bio-Bank Services


Microbion manage a broad collection of pro-technological strains isolated and characterized by Dept. of Biotechnology  of Verona University in fundamental research projects.
Moreover, upon customer request, we can keep copies of proprietary strains and strains isolated from analysis, ensuring availability in long-time.

The services include:

  • Gathering of pro-technological microorganisms, and their genomic DNA, in order to recover in case of loss, contamination or genetic mutation
  • Gathering spoiling microorganisms, and their genomic DNA, as basis for distribution study of contaminant recurrence (e.g. contaminant molecular tracking in the whole supply chain);
  • Manufacturing and purity check of small inoculums (starter culture) batches of bacteria, yeasts, moulds and micro-algae, to be employed in experimental production (prototyping) and feasibility studies.