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Microbion is an innovation-keen enterprise, founded since 2011 asUniversity of Verona Spin-off. Microbion is nowadays registered as Innovative SME and the headquarters is located in San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR), not far from the Department of Biotechnology, where it was incubated at the beginning. It provides high-tech services to the agri-food and pharmaceutical industry regarding all aspects related to Microbiology through technology transfer of the advanced scientific knowledge acquired through many years of cutting edge research and proven track record of collaborations with many industries, governmental agencies and quality control laboratories.
Microbion provides a broad range of analytical and innovation services, from routine analysis to tailor-made research and development, where it operates under the Open Innovation paradigm (also known as interfirm cooperation R&D) safeguarding confidentiality and intellectual property assets of its partners.
The solutions that Microbion provides suit all needs of microbiology related features of industrial productions including safety, quality and innovation, such as the development of DNA-based methods for the characterization, identification and quantification of food-related and environmental microorganisms (PCT/EP2016/0267597 deposited on 22.07.2016 and PCT/EP2017/068673 deposited on 24.07.2017)

Providing innovative sustainable solutions is our first aim!

Some general solutions

  • Isolation, identification and characterization of pro-technological microorganisms, such as probiotics, winemaking and bakery yeasts, lactic acid bacteria for dairy or sour dough products
  • Detection and identification of spoiling microorganism which damage products. Microbion can screen not only the most common contaminants (as described in guidelines and laws) but can provide a deep characterization of all microorganisms occurring in the product with potential negative impact on the product and the production system
  • Evaluation, with molecular methods, of the hazard grade of contaminants, such as, strains of potential pathogen species
  • Classification according with the most updated microbial taxonomy at genus, species and sub-species level of pro-technological and spoiling strains, including description of new species
  • Authentication of strains through DNA fingerprinting  comparison of microbial isolates and reference strains 
  • Safety evaluation of industrial employed microbial strain using phenotypic methods and genotypic methods including genome sequencing
  • Characterization of strains with industrial application potential and feasibility studies for innovation projects 
  • Biodiversity studies and monitoring of environmental samples and industrial processes, including foods, beverage and all critical control points

Affiliazioni di Microbion:

– Rete Innovativa Alimentare Veneto – RIAV
– The RisingFoodStars Association, the start-up club of outstanding agri-food tech start-ups of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT-FOOD)

Microbion offer is structured in three main chapters:



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