Improving trust on fish chain – EIT Food

Microbion, as a member of Rising Food Stars, is a partner of the EIT Food project “Improving trust on fish chain: Rapid and portable monitoring tools for a better control of whitefish”.

Fish is a healthy nutritional food. The increasing global market demand coupled with fish-food scandals, has generated a high level of safety concerns. This project provides three rapid, hand-held tools for enhancing the trust in fish products. The objective of this collaboration is to generate new real-time, reliable, portable and friendly-to-use monitoring devices that help to assess the freshness, nutritional value, identity of certain types of fish, and the use of antibiotics. Retailers and horeca sector will have a new set of tools to improving the transparency of quality and identity of fish products they sell so they can regain consumers’ trust. Consumers will have a fast-non-destructive tool to measure the nutritional value, freshness and verify the identity of the fish they purchase. The project contributes to the mission of EIT/Food to give consumers access to safe and nutritious fish of the highest quality.

See project page.